FCLU Research

The FCLU has two important research efforts underway.  We have teamed with Columbia University and we will release a major Economic & Social Impact Assessment that will portray the very real devastation that the family court system wreaks on taxpayers and children.  This study will provide the first real look at an industry that is created by lawmakers for personal benefit.  With the system governed by civil servants that are directly employed by taxpayers, the system will no longer be able to function as an ivory tower of greed.

FCLU National Family Court System Experience Survey

Our national family court system experience survey which will enable us to provide tangible industry metrics to evaluate and articulate the real state of affairs.  The survey consists of pre-defined fields to enable our database to run real-time evaluations of the data as it is collected.  By maintaining such data, we can analyze trends and improvements in the system over time and geographically.  We can also provide legislators with cold, hard facts.  To date, there is very little official research done by state authorities as to client satisfaction with current family law system. 

FCLU Family Court System Economic Impact Assessment

Our economic research initiative utilizes Columbia University Business School students who are performing forensic financial investigative work to establish an audit trail of all the monies that flow through the family court system.  The system is fueled by people’s life savings and children’s college funds and is supplemented by taxpayer’s Title IV-D subsidies.  Each divorce in the family court system feeds a swarm of lawyers, psychotherapists, social workers, substance abuse forensic evaluators, psychiatrists, psychologists, custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, child protective services, foster care services and a host of other so-called individuals and agencies that have no interest in families or children nor accountability for their actions down the road. 

The family court system is one huge money machine designed to separate children from fine, fit parents and create endless, attorney-created court battles for increased fees at the expense of families, children and the foundation of America.  By researching the money trail and creating an economic study on how this system of greed requires an endless supply of new victims to sustain itself, the FCLU can prove to legislators that the current laws must change.  We thank Columbia Business School for supporting of our economic research efforts.

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