Wendy Springer

Wendy Springer is the mother of five children.  She has worked for former and current U.S. Congressmen, Joseph P. Kennedy II and his son, Joseph P. Kennedy III, for over 30 years, both in Washington, and at Citizens Energy Corporation, a non-profit organization, located in Boston, Massachusetts, founded by former US Congressman Kennedy, in 1976.  Wendy has dedicated her career and volunteer activities, to helping the underserved and underprivileged populations, of our nation and throughout the world, by providing the basic human needs, of food, warmth, clean water and shelter, all human beings are entitled to, as well as, creating opportunity and teaching the skills needed, for them to achieve freedom from poverty, in the same spirit, The Kennedy Family has always embraced.

Wendy and her children have been the victims of Family Court, for over four years.  The abuse and suffering she and her children have been forced to endure. The irrevocable damage and life-long scars Family Court has left on them, has prompted her to become an active proponent in ending the criminally dangerous and abusive practices and behaviors, of Family Court.  With her background, experience and the professional and personal relationships she has forged, and can reach many audiences, and platforms, by sharing her story as a survivor, and finding other survivors of Family Court, to help increase public awareness about the severity and urgent need for reformation of our country’s Family Court system.

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