Virginia Chapter

Chapter President

Cynthia Haag

My name is Cynthia Haag and I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist located in Northern Virginia. I moved here in July of 2009 to support my ex husband’s military career. He is a MP  Ltc in the Army. I raised our two beautiful daughters for the first 10 1/2 years while he was gone and volunteered for two tours overseas.

I became sick with stage 3c breast cancer in February 2011. I received very little support during my fight. I went through twelve surgical procedures over a two year period and still manage to take care of our girls. My ex became physical at this point and even pulled my own .38 revolver out after he physically twisted both my wrists over a piece a paper one afternoon because he was doing weird things. I was terrified of him and recovering from a major reconstructive surgery. I had close to 70 stitches in my body which I had to endure a repair. I received a 15 day PO, but he hired a lawyer and had it dropped by the judge. During that time he moved in with the next door neighbor and was able to stalk me by entering the home at night. It is so much I can’t even begin to go into details. 

During Hurricane Sandy I needed some help with getting things secured. The PO was dropped mind you. I watched his lawyer come out of the courtroom before I even entered.  So, moving forward less than 48 hours of him being allowed to come in the home I ending up going to jail for 14 days. They wouldn’t let me out because I needed a local address in my county. I had no family and lived a quiet life because I was sick. I was arrested in 5 minutes time after being pinned to a bed. I was charged with a felony and misdemeanor. Mind you he was a former cop. I was 100lbs at the time and just had a surgery 6 weeks prior. I was cut in my back stomach and had just had implants put in. They held me without my chemo med etc. He was 183lbs at that time and over maxed his PT test 3 weeks prior to the retaliatory incident because he was reported by my nurse oncologist for abuse. Since that horifying incident he was going down and making citizen arrest complaints when I would show up for court etc.

Anyway,  I don’t want t I carry on too much. It is so much and quietly took this and concentrated on being here for my girls, so I had to fight my cancer and still am. I’m still fighting because he keeps making fraudulent claims and has absolutely committed perjury. He falsely reported before a custody hearing that I am in the rear ages for CS. Mind you he gets 520. for support from my SSD. They are now taking an additional 600. He also was taking 600. on top of that from my spousal support. I’m currently fighting that. He makes 150k a year and I’m at 48k with spousal. He is 7200. In the rears for the spousal. I don’t have money for a lawyer and I’m trying to Pro Se. Last summer he PCS to long Island NY. The judge let him take the kids out of the jurisdiction without an address or anything.  I had worked hard to get a place here so the girls could stay in their county. The oldest to finish her last year at the same middle school.  I was deemed a perfectly fit parent in my divorce decree.

There are so many things wrong in my case it’s disgusting. I realize that this was a racket of illegal behavior by the judges, lawyers, cops and everyone involved except a few that knew I was not guilty of any of this. I haven’t been able to really concentrate on getting to organized with paperwork because there is so much it’s overwhelming, however I’m going to try. I have lifelong injuries along with no financial restitution for any division of property either. Trying to do it myself. I know it maybe a lot and I get run down because I’m immune-compromised and I’m just trying to stay positive and happy for myself and my girls. They are in an abusive situation with the ex and his girlfriend whom was moved in shortly after I was pushed out of my house. I have so much documentation because that’s what I was advised to do. Doesn’t really seem to matter though. The bottom line is I was threatened of having a target on my back and had to stay here for custody but now my girls don’t even live here. This whole thing makes me sick. There has to be a way to stop what is happening. I’m trying to network and bring some action to this cause. I want these judges removed bench.  They are criminals.


Cyndie Haag