Timothy Shilling

I am Timothy M. Shilling,  a parental alienated father, who has for the last three years have been battling to be a part of my daughter’s life. I have never been in any trouble with the law until I got involved with the Family Court system.

Since going through a divorce starting back in 2013 I have been battling court inflicted coercion, fraud, manipulation, false accusations, misrepresentation, just to name a few breaches committed against me.I have had five registered attorneys and four unregistered attorneys.

Because of the poor representation under the”Color of Law” and lack of due process of not being represented properly, I now am pro se since June 2016. Since becoming pro se I have been ordered to pay excessive cost along with attorney fees, which I fought in federal bankruptcy court and won against three attorneys and a trustee. Along with many other ongoing issues of fraud upon the court that I must deal with. As many already  know the family court system is a complete utter disgrace, and I believe that the family law system needs to be changed.

My goals in the Family Court system includes: for all hearings to be public, every mediation, psychological evaluation and all court hearings be video and audio recorded along with transcripts available within a five-day period at a reasonable cost. In addition, mandate through legislation that every judge, attorney, psychologist, and therapist be educated on parental alienation which is a serious form of child psychological abuse. There is a real need for transparency, so Credentials must be made public that these “parties” have been educated about the problem of Parental alienation.

Also needed is to regulate the Family court legal system to remove the “for Profit” incentives, via putting a cap on attorney fees and to have divorce and custody resolved in a reasonable time frame of six months to a year. When a divorce is filed there needs to be a freeze on all assets acquired during the marriage, a inventory to be filed with the court within 30 days of filing a divorce and if the parties can’t resolve it within six months it goes in front of the court and gets divided equally.

In Custody matters, I believe all evidence needs to be recorded on record at the respecting court houses. Within 30 days upon filing for divorce. Custody matters will go in front of a mediator and if parties can’t work it out within 60 days upon filing for divorce.

I am in the process of my own case but I’m also working on trying to speak with representatives, senators, congressman, and the Pennsylvania Governor.  I am also working with and helping other targeted parents in Pennsylvania to bring awareness in the war against parents in the family courts, to help educate these other victims.

I believe in helping every targeted parent no matter what gender, in the beginning and during any divorce and their custody matters, by providing them the knowledge that we all needed in the beginning to make decisions that will protect them from these unethical attorneys and judges. To help these parents to see the signs of deception that has been placed upon them.

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