Texas Co-Chapter President

Lynn Formann

Lynn Marie Formann is the FCLU Texas Co-Chapter President.  She is building not only her physical presence in the Bexar County Judicial Community by her frequent presence while utilizing resources, but expanding her knowledge of the legal system, while also utilizing new acquaintances who agree the Family Court System is broken and in need of repair.

At the age of 18 Ms. Formann had already began a career in the Agriculture Business and was the primary caretaker of two operational South Texas Ranches while at the same time assisting in drafting Federal Appeals to The Court of the Honorable Lucius D. Bunton III, US Attorney Richard Durbin, and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mrs. Formann is the mother of three wonderful children, Jaden (20), Nathaniel (12), and Olivia (3).  She has spent in the ballpark figure of over $120,000.00, while selling farm land handed down in her family for three generations since litigation began in 2014 for her two smallest children stuck in the cogs of the Family Court System.  Ms. Formann’s two smallest children have fallen victim to Parental Alienation Syndrome while she is expected to pay large sums of money for what is called “equal responsibility” for what is lacking in “equal parenting”.

Ms. Formann is currently working on a nonprofit start up to help families who find themselves in the same position she once found herself; lost, broken, and feeling like her children had been stolen, leaving no hope.  While finding the courage to stand up for herself, Ms. Formann is constantly looking for new ways to help pick back up those who have also fallen prey, hoping it doesn’t take the same exhausting amount of time, energy, and money to get them in a position to retain custody of their children who have been stolen from them by the other parent.

Ms. Formann is an alumnus of St. Mary’s University, San Antonio and Harvard College, Cambridge Massachusetts.

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