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Make a Difference in Your Family, America’s Families and America

Families are the fabric of society.  With American divorce rates at 50% and climbing, America’s destructive family court system erodes the very fabric of American society.  Anyone who has been immersed in a culture with low divorce rates can quickly see the problems that are created by the American family law system which puts money rather than families first. 

Divorce does not mean the end of a family.  But bankruptcy created by hawkish, adversarial matrimonial attorneys that prey on family treasure in front of willing family courts spells the end for 120,000 families each and every each year.  The FCLU aims to protect families from the family court system until the family court system protects families.  We need your help.


We welcome all volunteers – from feet on the street to freedom fighters, lawyers, law school students – anyone with passion and talent for change.  

The FCLU is powered by professional leaders who all volunteer their time, energy and money.  The FCLU is a true American institution that harks from the soul.  Our belief system is rooted in the fabric of American can do spirit, the power of change and the relentless determination of revolution.

By leading by example, the FCLU has a strong team of volunteers that provide the drive and innovation required to make a change.  With professionals from all industries, careers and experiences, our common thread of family court system abuses solidifies our commitment and our tenacity.

Volunteer today and make a difference.  Whatever your proficiencies, whatever your interests, whatever your contribution level, ever person adds value and change to a system in dire need of change.  Every day, more families and more children are damaged.  Volunteer TODAY!  See the Volunteer Jobs Section for Areas that Interest You!!