Sebastian Doggart




Sebastian Doggart is an investigative reporter, an Emmy-nominated film/TV producer and director, and a civil rights activist. His feature films include American Faust; From Condi to Neo-Condi  , an investigative documentary about Condoleezza Rice, which won the Golden Palm at the Mexico International Film Festival and the Jury Prize at the Ismailia International film festival in Egypt. He has also produced/directed major TV series including ‘Project Runway’ for Bravo (nominated for a 2005 Primetime Emmy),’15 Films about Madonna’ for A&E; two series of ‘Damage Control’ for MTV; ‘30 Days’ for FX (hosted by Oscar-nominated Morgan Spurlock and nominated for a Producers Guild of America award), and ‘American Candidate’ for Showtime. He has had three books published, one on the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, one on Latin American theatre, and the third on the Argentine economy. He has been a principal contributor to four other books – Fear and Loathing on Knutsford Heath, Raymond Chandler: A Biography, Family Reflections, and Time Out: Havana. He has written for numerous publications including the Huffington Post (including this expose of the Bush Administration:  ), The Telegraph (for whom Sebastian worked as US correspondent from 2010-2014 and wrote investigative reports such as this one on fracking —  ), the New Statesman, the Guardian, and the Independent. As a civil/human rights activist, he has worked with Amnesty International, and Tackling Torture at the Top. Further information here:


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