Richard J. Provost II

Richard Provost
The first person to beat True Kangaroo Court Process?
Richards passion for music after being given the opportunity and then signed on as  Artist/Producer for an Independent Record label, in 2012, came to a complete halt. Richard dropped everything to protect his son from the clutches of  Corrupt Wood County Courts and Wood County CPS.
Not knowing CPS Policies or Laws Richard was faced with 2 decisions, either give up, or stand and fight. Richard knew he could not win unless he gave real thought of “how to be the change,” to the outcome of his Child’s Case.  Day and night he took to studying and strategizing . CPS and Guardian Ad Litems tried everything at every hearing and they came up short.
To make a very long story short, Richard defied the Odds and Beat the CPS Kangaroo Court.
Richard’s strategy on  how he beat The Kangaroo Court > The  Guide to: Parents and Children’s Rights to Justice – hopefully will be released sometime in the near future – Richard is also in the Middle of Writing for a Book  dedicated to his son,   Titled ” Running with my Head down – The Jordan Provost Story “
Richard has given up music –  and now focusing on helping parents with Legal Advice and Fighting West Virginias Corrupt Court System and free children from CPS Abuse and Neglect.
Richard now lives in Belmont WV with his girlfriend Deanna and 13 year old son Jordan.
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