Reform Issues

The Family Law Industry Requires Reform, Regulation, Checks & Balances, Penalties

  • Title IV-D Federal Funds Must Be Abolished.  Current Funding Creates Incentives For Misconduct.
  • Divorce Process Must Have Term Limit
  • Financial Caps On Litigation Fees Must Be Established – Fixed Fee, Lump Sum Contracts.  Lawyers Banned from Financial Work.
  • Protection Of Pre-Marital Assets Must Be Standard Rule in all States.  Pre-Nuptial Agreements Are An Unnecessary Expense.
  • Case Law Must Be Eliminated – Erroneous Judgements In Past Are Irrelevant Compared To Law
  • Random Financial Audits Required For Lawyers & Experts
  • All Expert, CPS Meetings & Interactions Must Be Videotaped
  • All Court Visits Must Be Recordable By Any Visitor
  • Family Court Litigation Must Be Trial By Jury
  • Motions Must Be Eliminated In Favor Of Judicial Conferences
  • Criminal Matters Must Be Transferred To Criminal Court
  • Gag Orders Must Be Eliminated
  • Judges Must Not Have Contact With Experts, Lawyers (They Routinely Do)
  • Judges Must Be Barred From Court Appointing Vendors
  • Judges Must Not Act As Tax Payer Funded Collection Agents For Their Preferred, Court Appointed Vendors
  • Attorney Ethics Violation Review Boards Must Not Be Run By Attorneys
  • Judicial Violation Review Boards Must Not Be Run By Attorneys and Judges
  • Immunity For Judges Must Be Eliminated
  • Therapist/Expert Ethics Violation Review Boards Must Not Be Run By Insiders 
  • Complaints Against Judges, Lawyers, Clerks & Police Must Be Public Information
  • Attorney Ethics Certification Program Must Be Made Industry Standard – See CEMA™ Program

Child Custody Must Be Shared Physical & Legal Custody

  • Shared Legal & Physical Custody Must Become Standard Rule
  • Parenting Is A Fundamental Human Right – The Government Must Be Banned From Interfering In Parenting Rights Of Fit Parents
  • Custody Disputes Represent The Most Profitable Area Of Family Law
  • Children Born In The US Must Be Barred From Overseas Relocation
  • Convicted Abusers Must Have Custody Rights Terminated
  • Children Of Rapists Must Not Fall Into Hands Of Rapist

Gender Neutrality Is Law And Must Be Upheld

  • Discrimination Is Illegal In All 50 States
  • Gender Bias Must Be Punishable By Law

Pendente Lite Support Must Count As Alimony

  • PL Support Must Count Dollar For Dollar Towards Alimony
  • Lack Of Rules Encourages Divorce Delays

Alimony Must Reflect This Century

  • Up To 38% Of Women Out-Earn Men – Women Now Pay Alimony To Men
  • Permanent Alimony To Fit Adults Must End
  • Current Alimony Laws Can Attach Earnings of a Future Spouse
  • System Must Be Fair With Clear, Firm Guidelines

Child Support Must Be For Children

  • Child Support Must Not Be Used As Income By The Other Parent
  • Accountability Must Be Established For Child Support Spending
  • Receipts Must Be Provided With Unused Funds Placed In Children’s Bank Account
  • No Child Support Obligations For Non-Biological Men

Automatic Restraining Orders Are Unconstitutional

  • Restraining Orders Are An Illegal Tool Used By Matrimonial Attorneys For Strategy
  • One Complaint Removes Any Person From Home, Possessions And Children – No Questions Asked
  • Restraining Orders Without Due Process Of Law Hearings Must be Banned and State Judiciaries Sued For Infractions
  • Consent Orders Which Trade Freedom For Possessions Represent Extortion And Must Be Banned

False Accusations Must Be Punishable By Law

  • False Accusations To Gain Custody Is Standard Legal Strategy
  • Accusations Create Enormous Revenue Stream For Legal Industry
  • Criminal Charges Must Apply for Perjury
  • False Accusers Must Pay All Court & Legal Costs And Must Be Sanctioned
  • Parental Alienation Must Be Sanctioned

Lawyers Must Be Banned From Financial Work

  • Accountants, Not Lawyers, Should Perform Accounting Work

Substance Abuse Testing Must Be In Accordance with ASTM Standards

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse “Experts” use Non Chain of Custody Tests to Create False Test Results for Custody
  • Thousands of Professional Labs Exist in Every State in Nation – Chain of Custody Must be Law
  • LDAC Ethics Review Boards Must Not Be Run by Insiders

Experts Must Derive 50% of Earnings From Non Court-Related Work

  • Experts Working Only On Court Cases Become Hired Guns For Friendly Attorneys
  • Experts Have No Vested Interest In Our Children Nor Accountability For The Decisions And Recommendations They Make

Division Of Assets Must Be Based On Fair Law

  • Premarital Assets Must Be Protected By Law in All States
  • Unilateral Divorce Should Not Be The Equalizer Of Wealth And An Automatic Transfer Of Wealth To The Other Party
  • Laws Need To Be Rewritten