Rebecca Potter

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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who believed that there was a fair and just Family Court System.  I turned to the Court for assistance when my former husband became abusive.  In that experience, I learned by legal trauma that we have an unfair, dysfunctional and completely corrupt legal system where verdicts are purchased by attorneys who have favor within this closed and corrupt system.  There is no accountability to the public and the system is a scheme to defraud American litigants.  It is the “Wild Wild West” where families are permanently injured and judges and American Bar Organizations turn and look the other way.

I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and this Family Court in Florida used my disability and forced me into mediation.  I thought that my attorney was to protect my interest, but in reality the attorneys protect the interests of the system.  My settlement agreement was so poor and I have spent 9 years trying to dig myself out of the mess that this legal system created for an abused middle class woman.

I have petitioned every elected official to support the public against the crimes by the legal community and they have ignored the needs of the American people for a fair and just legal system to dissolve a marriage, pay for a traffic ticket, obtian remedy from corruption.  It is a broken system and it must be fixed because our families and the public are being permanently damaged by these terrorist actions of a legal system, not a justice system.

My mission is to bring attention to this corruption and insist that consumer protection laws be implemented nationwide with a private right of action to ensure that those citizens without funds can obtain remedy from corrupt government officials and others will not develop complex PTSD as a result of litigation abuse.  I want to ensure that families do not remain broken after exposure to the American Family Court System




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