Raymond Farzan

New Jersey Chapter President

Raymond Farzan

Mr. Farzan is an experienced Project Manager Professional (PMP).

His involvement with NJ Family Courts started in 2004. He believes that his human rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights have been violated by NJ Family Courts and Probation Offices. And unfortunately the NJ Superior Court Appellate Division and the NJ Supreme Court have affirmed all violations.

The state of NJ has created a second class of citizens namely: the non-custodian parents. The NJ Family Courts and NJ Probation Offices are used for oppression and aggression against this NJ second class citizens. The state of NJ forces non-custodian parents to pay for their children college costs, while it does not force married or intact parents to do so. This is in violation of US 14th Amendment. In NJ emancipation of children with divorced parents is determined by a Family Court judge.

Around forty states emancipate their children at the age of 18 and they do not force their parents (married or otherwise) to send their kids to college. The State of NJ and nine other unfortunate states force the divorced parents to send their kids to college, not the married parents. This discrimination, differential treatment, and violation have been happening to myself (Raymond Farzan) and others in NJ.

Every year each states sends the form OCSE-157 to US Department of Health and Human Service and based on the amount of child support collected the US Congress and/or Federal government funds each state with incentives based on the collect child support amount.

The Family Court decisions are not based on US or NJ laws, they are not based on the Property Settlement Agreements between the parties, they are based on emotions and on the incentives received by US Congress. Emotional decision making often leads to discrimination.

Mr. Farzan believes that all concerned individuals, groups, and organizations who are trying to restore human rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights need to work together based on a common platform to achieve their goals.

Raymond Farzan


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