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I am a first generation American proud of my family and country.  My parents fled Cambodia during the civil war and imprisoned in concentration camps in Thailand.  My parents and two uncles arrived together in Washington State in April 1980 as refugees.  I was born 10 days later.  Our sponsor was the First Lutheran Church.  We were extremely blessed for the opportunity to live a better life.

Currently, I work helping the Navy with maintain their fleet.  I protect those that protect us.  It is a very rewarding feeling that cannot be expressed in words.  A lot of sailors came from broken families themselves.  Seeing how they are taken advantage of in the family court system makes me sick to my stomach.

I married my ex-wife in 2008 in China.  We had two children together.  I filed for divorce in early 2015 when I learned of her tax evasion scheme, unfaithfulness, and her lack of care in our children’s daily needs.  Expecting to receive justice, what I got was the exact opposite.  False accusations and perjury are all rewarded in this family court system.  Corrupt judges, commissioners, and attorneys plague the system.  Nothing benefits the children.

My ordeal has led me to discover many caring parents who are going through the same thing.  I have been proactive in contact our Congressman at the State and Federal level to get reform legislation passed.  I am fighting to get video cameras in all WA State courts and to have an independent judicial oversight board (not the corrupt Commission on Judicial Conduct) that is not affiliated with the WA State Bar Association.  Our founding fathers wrote, “We the People…” for a reason.  It is time that we live up to that and take a stand.


Para Kan

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