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A native of Los Angeles, Candice has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1999, with her 12 years old son that she shares joint custody with her ex-husband.  Candice has a background in Residential Real Estate and Wealth Management.  She has personally experienced the injustice and corruption of the ”Family Court” system in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2011.  The nightmare began when the judge retracted her holding for attorney’s fees pursuant to Sargeant and allowing her attorney to withdraw from case, which initially held that attorney’s fees must be awarded pursuant to Sargeant and signed order into court.  The Judge forced her to be a self-represent litigant 6 days before trial in a billon dollar industry we call Family Court.

Because of that reason they were quite successful in taking advantage of her. She was deprived of her rights, to community funds and property, her rights to an attorney, her business interests, her right for medical treatment for her minor child, while giving the other party supreme rights to decisions regarding the minor child.  She did not receive as much as her constitutional right to be heard in an unbiased court with a neutral decision maker.   They accomplished this by omission of bank accounts, providing a tainted witness, filing fraudulent and fabricated documentation.

The Judge willfully intended to deprive her of rights and to assist Husband.  The judge’s actions were obviously designed to overreach the justice system, it was too transparent.  The fraud on the judge’s part lies in willfully and knowingly falsely manufacturing findings of facts.

Candice has been in a divorce for over five years and spent hundreds of thousands dollars in legal fees.  She has been involved with the “Family Court” system here in Las Vegas.

The Family Court System is broken and it must be fixed because children, mother’s, father’s are screaming for help.  But, no one is listening.

Candice’s mission is it to bring attention to the “Career Criminal” that we call Judges and attorneys, holding them accountable for their wrongful actions and ending their fraudulent activities. These people are harming the very public that relies on them for justice.


Candice Bock


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