Nate Altenhofen

After winning the temporary divorce hearing, I decided the best thing for my son was a 50/50 settlement, even tho we had concerns with the mother mental health, both marriage counselors were concerned with possible borderline personality,  After months of outcry’s from my son, including his life threatened with a knife in his face and 5 calls to CPS on the mother (4 calls from two of my sons counselors) I decided to request a custody change and most importantly a court ordered Psych Evaluation.  Then the horror began.  Ignored testimony, no restrictions, two counselors that my son trusted were removed and I was arrested by her ‘Uncle’ for Interference.  The system seems more concerned with puffing there chest out and taking my money than protecting my son.  I no longer have the joint custody I agreed to as the mother has been granted temporary sole custody.  Outcry’s, a forensic interview, two counselors stating the child is in danger when alone with the mother, an injury to child charge, two successful polygraph tests and a passed psych evaluation and I still can’t get a psych evaluation of the mother or anyone to protect my son.  I will never give up and I love him with my whole heart and soul.  God Bless everyone that has dealt with similar issues, its a nightmare and an attack on our children.

Nate Altenhofen []

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