Michael Hering

Colorado State Chapter President

Michael CO Photo 5-17-2016
My daughter’s mother flew here from Chicago, and we started dating. Two months later she was pregnant. She text me at work and told me that her family knew and that she was going to carry through the pregnancy. I told her I would support her decision no matter what but I wanted a DNA test but hadn’t expected that her response would be “after the baby is born”. I never got a test but I waited. On the 28th of March of 2014 I received a call from my girlfriend, at the time. She told me she was going to the hospital and would like for me to be there. When I arrived, I held her hand and and was in the operating room when my daughter was born. I was the first person to put a dipper on her and I was the first person to feed her. I stayed in the hospital sleeping on a couch for the next three days, taking care of my daughter. Her mom had birth complications and was in and out of our room and had lost a lot of blood. My daughter’s mother’s family was there with her, including her two sisters, mother, and step dad. My family visited, including my mother, grandparents and uncle. When my daughter left the hospital, she left with her mother and her family. About two weeks later my daughter’s mother’s family asked me to come over. They wanted me to move in with them and pay for bills, my daughter, and my girlfriend. I told them I wanted substantially equal parenting time and I could support my daughter on my own during my time. I told them I would go to court. I petitioned to see my daughter in April 2014 asking for equal time and custody arrangements with a parenting plan. I hired an attorney, who told me it wouldn’t be worth it and to just pay child support. I soon disengaged with him and went to a new attorney. During this time I asked to see my daughter everyday with no avail. My daughter’s mother asked for a restraining order for harassment, which was denied by the Adams District Court. In May of 2014 I had an initial consultation with my daughter’s mother, her attorney and mine. I was given supervised visitation (there was no abuse, alcohol/drugs, or violence involved in my case). I accepted the initial visitation plan which was picking up my daughter from her mothers house, driving her into Denver to spend an hour at my uncles house and returning her to her moms house an hour later. I was driving three hours to my uncles house to see my daughter for 1 hour four days a week. I asked to increase my time with her because I was driving 12 hours a week (48 hours a month) for 4 hours of parenting time. I was missing work to attend these visitation sessions. I also asked to attend her baptism but my daughter’s mother said she would call the cops if I came. I was upset at my Attorney for excepting supervised visitation and not taking into account the time of day (rush hour), quantity of time with my daughter, and the distance between where I lived and where my daughter’s mother lived. Also, that I was doing all the transportation. Our court date was scheduled in August 2014 but I told my attorney I wasn’t happy and asked her to withdraw. I walked into a mediation session on July 7th, 2014 pro se, with two family court facilitators, my daughter’s mother and her Attorney. My uncle, who had been supervising my supervised visitations, was asked to leave. After mediation I walked into court and the magistrate and my ex’s attorney gave me 4 hours a week on Thursdays to reduce the amount of time I was driving while denying my decision making rights for education, health or religion. This was to be the schedule for the next six months until we came to an agreement and returned to court. My daughter’s mother got on a plane and flew to Chicago the next day. When she returned I stopped my visitation all together. I got a third Attorney that helped me navigate through my child support obligation. I asked to attend my daughter’s doctor appointments but her mother said no. My daughter’s mother stated my daughter was in daycare since she was born on her financial income statements and wanted arrears dating back to the day I petitioned for parenting time. In August I begin paying back my arrears and child support that was to be current by 2015. I was ordered to pay for child support, arrears and daycare expenses. In September 2014, my daughter’s mother submitted a contempt of court to show cause for use of disparaging language. I hired another attorney, who instructed me to sign a stipulation stating that I would have no contact with my daughter’s mother and pay her attorney fees and court costs and she would drop the charges. I signed the stipulation and haven’t seen my daughter since. I pay 30% of my income in child support. I paid off my arrears and have only seen my daughter for 54 hours since she left the hospital. I’ve since come to understand how the family court system operates. I’ve stopped funding a corrupt system judicial system and I’m happy to provide documents and or evidence and answer any questions. I’m a strong supporter of shared parenting. I’ve testified in Colorado state senate and before state representative in order to outline the long term effects of fatherlessness that fell on def ears. I’ve also created many videos to further support legislation being past that supports shared parenting.


Michael Hering

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