Marisa Ringel

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Marisa has been an executive in the advertising, marketing and communications industries in New York and Connecticut for 25 years. She was founder and managing member of a Connecticut marketing agency, Connect 2 Communications that specialized in market research, go-to-market planning, and campaign development and execution.  She is currently employed in the Global Brand Design and Internal Communications department of a world-reknowned hospitality company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Now heading into her 9th year of defending family court litigation with motions and wrong accusations to answer to still on the family court docket to this day, Marisa knows first-hand about the devastating resource depletion caused from family court professionals and their exploitation when they come to our state’s family courts looking for easy billing opportunities from vulnerable divorcing families.  A mother of two wonderful children, she has 50% joint legal and joint physical custody, but knows all about the wreckage that is caused by long, drawn-out custody battles and the tolls they take on our households, our children, ourselves – physically and mentally, and on our businesses from first-hand experience. Marisa is ready to engage her marketing, advertising and campaigning skills on behalf of The Families Civil Liberties Union as she passionately believes – enough is enough!  It is time to stop the bloodletting of crucial resources our children need to better their lives.  It is time for our nations politicians to help our funds stay with our children and their households, and to stop facilitating the plundering that is going on by family court attorneys and their partnered professionals.

Marisa has worked for and volunteered throughout the past 15 years for several well-known non-profit organizations including several in Connecticut that service children in need. She is currently enjoying some of her parenting time as an elementary school girls basketball coach with her daughter on her team. Go team!