Julie McMahon


Minnesota Chapter President

Julie McMahon lives in Edina, Minnesota, near Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated from Loyola University of Minnesota and just shy of a Masters thesis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Working with parents and their children involved in the Juvenile Court system with open CPS cases is her day job. The disconnect between what Juvenile Court considers “harm” and what Family Court considers “harm” is unfathomable. If my court case was in Juvenile Court the risk of the children being removed from 8 years thriving in my custodial care is non-existent. In Family Court “emotional harm” was fabricated from a text argument with a teen. 


Ms. McMahon is the forever mom to Tanner Hawthorne Jones, Lillian Barrett Jones and Aidan McMahon Jones. Ms. McMahon’s three children were illegally taken by Hennepin County 4th District Family Court on December 14, 2015. The child therapist, Michael Borowiak of Traverse Counseling was an accessory to the felony of parental kidnapping. The daughter Lily was taken by a court sanctioned abduction through a written order by Referee Mary Madden of the 4th District Hennepin County Family Court. The order directed, “The use of local law enforcement and the use of physical force.” Sargeant Hubbard of the Edina police department said, “I have never seen such an order like this to include “physical force,” I am extremely uncomfortable with this.” 


Ms. McMahon states that she is a great, safe and sane parent and family court has subjected her to a character assassination as a crazed lunatic, and an unfit parent. Ms. McMahon reports that after 8 years of family court legal abuse she now has what is being identified as mild PTSD. Stunned that this could be pulled from thin air with zero substantiating evidence she is motivated to fight for justice. 


Ms. McMahon realized that this is the status quo day-in-day-out corruption that is family court. When a parent can no longer finance the law fare of 8 years of responding to over 17 motions, spending over $1 million dollars defending herself from a clinically diagnosed narcissistic personality disordered ex-husband, then the courts reward the pathology through custody changes. 


Sharing her story of being a victim of family court crimes is now her passion. Ms. McMahon meets and shares her story with politicians, media and social media, investigative journalist and lobby’s for legislative reform. Ms. McMahon is an advocate for The Family Innocence Project run my Michelle MacDonald in St. Paul, Minnesota and author Michael Volpe’s book, Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce. More and more voices are being gathered and heard in Minnesota. We want justice and to launch a class action lawsuit on Hennepin county family court and the GAL program.

Julie McMahon



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