Jodi Mueller

Jodi from IA
Iowa Chapter President


I am a single mother of 4 children, now ages, 20, a daughter, 18 son, and 16 yr old twin girls.

I raised my children virtually alone. Their father is a pilot for American Airlines and after we split in 2000, 5 weeks after twins were born, he saw them only once every 12-14 months their entire lives.


I have been enduring 16 years of hell due to parental alienation; some while the marriage was still intact, and countless events and abductions that the ex has done to all four of the children.

I have spent close to $100,000 in lawyer fees and been through 4 different lawyers and seem to have gotten nowhere. I have never owned my own home or a new car due to the financial distress that my ex has put on our family throughout the years.  I am sick of the drama and want to be able to see my children and relax.

I currently reside in Ft. Worth, TX, but my children are being withheld from me in my home state of Iowa. I have not seen my older two children since Oct 2013, except for their HS graduations, and I have not seen my twins since Mar 19, 2015, when they were enticed by the VP of the PTA at their high school in Texas to run away.  She helped them get to the DFW airport so they could fly to Des Moines, IA where their father was “forum shopping” and knows that most women do NOT prevail in custody mods there.

Their father is not from Iowa, but moved there 3 years ago and started his reign of terror with taking my 1st two children from their school for the Last time in 2013.  I always knew this would come to an end like this, but have had trouble getting media or judges to believe this.

I was going through a horrific time when my twins left in 2015, since this was the last of my kids and I am now left to be alone. I drove out west alone to reflect on my life and what would become of my children and myself.  I took off for 2 weeks to find “peace”, and will not post what I did while standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but let’s just say, it was extraordinary.  After another, “mom” jumped to her death 20 minutes after I stood on the same rock, I got a wakeup call.  A gentlemen talked with me for hours about my story and told me to get mad that my ex was able to get me this upset and for me to  turn around and go back to TX and start fighting for others until God gives me my kids back somehow. I did just that.  When I crossed the New Mexico border, the words “parental alienation” came into my head.  I had heard them many years ago while at a Children in the Middle Class, but never researched it.  I pulled over, typed the words on FB and was shocked to see how many other parents were suffering like I am with this “living death” of our kids.  I created a group right at that moment, “PARENTAL ALIENATION AWARENESS, IOWAS, and had 10 members by the time I reached home.  I now have 2 FB Groups, the other “PARENTAL ALIENATION WARRIORS UNITE!” and a page, “Erased No More”.  I created a “Red Bucket Challenge” where parents donated money in honor of their missing kids to the Salvation Army at XMAS time and started a Santa Writing campaign where we wrote to “Santa” and left them wherever possible.  I figured, I would try anything for a miracle!!

I have had to learn to be resourceful through the past 16 years, whether it was joining a Central Committee for the Republican party so I could meet lawmakers that could help me expunge a record that my ex forced me into when he cleaned out our joint checking account, (yes, it worked and I got it expunged), or whether it was donating my own plasma to be able to earn enough money to pay for lawyer fees or to put food on the table for my kids.

I still have many legislator friends from being in the GOP Central Committee in Dallas County, Iowa, and was able to drive Paul Ryan’s Secret Service around Iowa a few years ago, and helping with the Romney Campaign was a great experience.

Since I have been through many different things throughout my life, it does help me be somewhat fearless. I have recently sent letters to the Iowa Governor & Lt Gov and attached a form to ask for Executive Clemency of my “life sentence” of grief without my children.  I am currently waiting to hear

their response. I am also in the process of sending many letters to the news media all over Iowa and have written the Iowa Supreme Court, US Supreme Court & the Department of Justice regarding my case and many others.  I don’t like sitting back and waiting to be helped when I can move forward and

take action. I wish more people would do this so we could see results faster!


Although I have been through more than most could endure, my friends and family cannot believe that I am still able to function. I usually don’t think I am functioning very well, especially with the loss of my kids, but I guess I am still standing.  I think I just got used to the chaos!!  I am hoping that it someday pays off.

I currently work nights for UPS as a Customs Freight Agent and have been doing this for over 3 years as I transferred from Iowa to Texas to go from part-time to full-time in the same position. UPS has been very good to me while I am dealing with the family crisis, however, I would like to someday become a consultant for parents that are going through the same thing that I am and be able to help them find resources, or to steer them away from things that did not work for me.

I am hoping to be of help in the campaign to ensure that there is judicial accountability in our family court systems and have joined with the J.A.M. as well and am on many podcasts telling my story and the stories of others that are similar to mine. I am praying nightly that this reign of terror ends soon for the sake of all of our children and I will not stop advocating for awareness of parental alienation and judicial accountability until everyone has their children back!

Thank you for allowing me to join and to be a part of it as well as having a chapter in Iowa!!! Although I live in Texas (for now), my children need my help in Iowa, as well as many of my fellow Iowans!


Jodi Mueller


13136 Overlook Bluff Dr #1027

Ft. Worth, TX 76177


Founder: Parental Alienation Awareness, Iowa

Parental Alienation Warriors Unite!

FB Page: “Erased No More”

FB Page: “My Big Fat Thank You Note to My Ex!”

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