Jennifer Farris, Esq.

Jennifer M. Farris is a solo Family Law practitioner in Stockton, CA. She began her career in 2009 for a non-profit family law agency where she learned the basics of Family Law.  She opened her solo practice in September 2011 and practices exclusively in Family Law with a heavy emphasis on child custody and adoptions.

In 2013, Jennifer became inadvertently embroiled in a family law matter originating in Morris County, New Jersey. Her now husband Tony, is a father of three and a 9/11 survivor.  In 2013, Tony’s ex-wife, by and through her attorney, filed fraudulent documents with the court and divorced him while he was away on a business trip.  He was ordered to pay 80% of his net paycheck in child support, forced to relinquish all of his share of marital assets, and reduced his ability to see his children to two nights per month.  Being unable to survive in New Jersey under the circumstances, Tony relocated to California.

Despite all evidence of fraud to the court, the court never permitted a hearing. After three years of paper only litigation, false accusations made by the wife were accepted as truth.   Despite all of the evidence of his PTSD disorder stemming from 9/11, the court labeled him a drug addict without any supporting evidence, and barred him from seeing his children based upon continuous false accusations made by the ex-wife.  The court never modified support, and ultimately completely barred him from seeing his children—all in the name of “the best interests of the children.”

After working in the court system, and living with the repeated abuses of the court system directly through her husband, Jennifer chose to bring awareness from inside of the operations of the court. She now travels throughout the State of California handling cases of “government sanctioned kidnapping” and attacking the Constitutional violations of those judges violating the rights of families caught in the grips of the Family Court.

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