Jane Biserni Gallagher

Jane Biserni Gallagher is a Senior User Experience Designer and Architect working in IT as an expert Consultant.

In 2016 Jane founded the Child Advocacy Non-Profit called “William’s Voice.”

Jane is passionate about child advocacy and creating, applying and using technology to help people solve problems in their everyday lives. She is a Mom, and she fully supports children being heard and having a voice in the legal system and making sure that their legal rights are honored and not ignored in the judicial system. Jane has also met and worked with AbleChild & Citizens Commission of Human Rights, (CCHR) and legislators in CT, to begin to connect the dots and build awareness to the issues parents are dealing with in regards to AbleChild laws, Parental and Constitutional rights that states and judges ignore.

Jane did not realize that the state of CT together with DCF and the legal system would blatantly ignore procedures, violate AbleChild laws and work with DCF to separate her from her child, yet throughout her litigations it became apparent to her that the system is broken and corrupt.  Jane has put her heart and soul into efforts of advocating for both parent and child rights, has drafted a Bill called “Williams Voice, the right to have a Mother” and is currently advocating in hopes to regain sole custody of her son who was placed into the CT foster care system after the father removed him from her care.

Jane a native NYer and has been in CT for 14 years. She has her Bachelors of Arts from Marymount College in Tarrytown, and her Dual Masters in IT and IT Business Management from Colorado Technical University with a focus in Human factors and User Experience.


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