Dr. Karin Huffer

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Dr. Karin Huffer, Associate Professor in Counseling and Forensic Psychology at King’s International University, took a first step toward humanizing the legal system in her first book, Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS). She isolates protracted litigation as a public health risk, formalizes Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) as a subset of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and leaps forward applying the Americans with Disabilities Act to LAS in Unlocking Justice (2012).

In addition to authoring the first graduate and undergraduate syllabi certifying Disability ADA Advocates and Forensic Disability Specialists, Dr. Huffer also founded Equal Access Advocates, and is one of the country’s most sought-after keynote speakers and educators on equal access to public and private services for persons with invisible disabilities.

As one of the nation’s only recognized expert witness in the field of LAS, Dr. Huffer provides treatment, consultation, and expert witness testimony for persons with disabilities across the country. She continues to combat legal abuse by assisting litigants with disabilities through the design and implementation of innovative ADA accommodations that ensure equal access for litigants while conserving court resources.

The idea that families are devastated, careers are destroyed, false accusations during litigation can impoverish our best and brightest, and children are unfairly ripped from their parents is unacceptable to Dr. Huffer. She tirelessly devotes her time and resources to the most vulnerable among us. Dr. Huffer champions for the invisible disabilities using the Americans with Disabilities Act for those legally abused and suffering who have traditionally been denied equal access to legal processes.