Regulate the Divorce Industry

  • Establish Fix Fee, Lump Sum Divorce Agreements
  • Set Fees Based on Percentage of Salary
  • Establish Term Limit on Divorce Duration – 6 Months Max
  • Standardize Divorce Process – Similar to Home Buying Process
  • Bar Judges from Court Appointing Vendors (Friends)

One Response to Regulate the Divorce Industry

  1. ironstone44 says:

    One issue that comes up regularly is the inability to appeal successfully, thus making the appellate process useless for those who have to do it themselves because they cannot afford lawyers. this has been expressed over and over again In an article that is online -See Shon R. Hopwood, Slicing Through the Great Legal Gordian Knot: Ways to Assist Pro Se Litigants in Their Quest for Justice, 80 Fordham L. Rev. 1229 (2011). this is online at ( ) This article suggests that it is almost impossible to even the playing field in court when non-attorneys are opposed by practitioners. There should be reforms using new technologies so non-attorneys have more success. Some ways to do this are to allow non-attorneys to see moving papers online – both those that are and have been successful and those that have not been successful. Now, many states are requiring lawyers to place submissions online. but are excluding access except to members of the legal profession (who need it least). There are other ideas that have been bouncing around for a long time but appear not to have gotten anywhere One would be a civil Gideon – it would provide that those who cannot afford lawyers have one appointed by the state or governnment agency. (Even the IRS has this available – advocates who work for the IRS but who are advocates against the agency.)
    There are many other approaches that would also assist – but to review them would take a separate blog,or several books.
    Irwin R. Ironstone JD, MBA +

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