David Haber

DHaber photo
Mr. Haber moved from New Jersey to California in 1989, and is now a successful Realtor with Troop Real Estate in Thousand Oaks. Mr. Haber’s support obligations were enforced and legally modified by California at the request of New Jersey, under the then effective law, URESA, from 1989 to 1997. Both the probation departments in New Jersey, as well as Mr. Haber’s ex-spouse were aware of every court appearance and every order issued, including the termination of spousal support in 1997.

New Jersey then, in 1998, took the case back, and garnished his wages for the next 10 years, based on a California order, collecting active child support for children in their 30’s. Mr. Haber hired New Jersey counsel to finally terminate this obligation, and the last four years have been living hell dealing with the inept, incompetent, prejudicial and corrupt family court system in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Judge 1 kept postponing the issue for 1 1/2 years, even though he ordered a plenary hearing with full discovery.  Judge 2 gets assigned the case, and instead of the two day trial, issues a summary judgment decision voiding all of the California orders for the past 19 years, denying him due process, violating the Federal Full Faith and Credit laws, applying the UIFSA law (which became effective in 1998) retroactively, and denying the doctrine of latches defense.  Judge 3 (who just got removed from the family court) froze all of his assets, awarded post judgment interest on the alleged spousal support, even though there is no provision for that in New Jersey law, reinstated a debt discharged in a federal bankruptcy court 191/2 years earlier (that’s criminal contempt of a federal court order), and had over $410,000 levied from his savings account. This judge also ordered the liquidation of his retirement account to set up a $250,000 trust in his ex-spouses name, to guaranty the payment of future spousal support (that would be 20 years of payments, and Mr Haber is 65 years old).

Mr. Haber is dedicated to bringing these types of judicial horror stories public, and putting a stop to this rampant abuse of our legal system.  We welcome Mr. Haber as our California State President.