Bring Justice To New Jersey

A group of women are contemplating a civil action, based on the belief that the Court has engaged in a discriminatory animus on the basis of gender. We believe dozens of women have had their due process rights violated, being denied hearings prior to custody awards, denied means of financial support while being ordered to maintain residential addresses in affluent communities, forcing them into desperate financial conditions, most on the verge of bankruptcy and poverty.

We believe the Court, through Judge Escandon’s actions, engaged in maternal alienation. The same court ‘experts’ were routinely assigned by Judge Escandon. Judge Escandon routinely transferred custody to male litigants with questionable, sometimes criminal, backgrounds.

Best interests of the children were not and are not being served through this alleged maternal alienation. Rachel Alintoff’s, and Patricia Pisciotti’s cases are two public examples.

The rationale supporting Judicial immunity, i.e., sitting judges should be free to decide upon matters without the fear of being dragged into court by dissatisfied litigants each time he or she makes a ruling, is supported by the fact that litigants have the right to appeal decisions made by a court below. However,  in dozens of cases involving women associated with our group, they have effectively been denied their right to appeal because they cannot afford the litigation and appellate process.

We are seeking justice in another forum, but since the court has impoverished most of these women, we are in need of support. We are planning to challenge a system, which routinely ignores laws, whereby families become victims. Please pledge your support.