Texas Co-Chapter President

Lynn Formann

Lynn Marie Formann is the FCLU Texas Co-Chapter President.  She is building not only her physical presence in the Bexar County Judicial Community by her frequent presence while utilizing resources, but expanding her knowledge of the legal system, while also utilizing new acquaintances who agree the Family Court System is broken and in need of repair.

At the age of 18 Ms. Formann had already began a career in the Agriculture Business and was the primary caretaker of two operational South Texas Ranches while at the same time assisting in drafting Federal Appeals to The Court of the Honorable Lucius D. Bunton III, US Attorney Richard Durbin, and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mrs. Formann is the mother of three wonderful children, Jaden (20), Nathaniel (12), and Olivia (3).  She has spent in the ballpark figure of over $120,000.00, while selling farm land handed down in her family for three generations since litigation began in 2014 for her two smallest children stuck in the cogs of the Family Court System.  Ms. Formann’s two smallest children have fallen victim to Parental Alienation Syndrome while she is expected to pay large sums of money for what is called “equal responsibility” for what is lacking in “equal parenting”.

Ms. Formann is currently working on a nonprofit start up to help families who find themselves in the same position she once found herself; lost, broken, and feeling like her children had been stolen, leaving no hope.  While finding the courage to stand up for herself, Ms. Formann is constantly looking for new ways to help pick back up those who have also fallen prey, hoping it doesn’t take the same exhausting amount of time, energy, and money to get them in a position to retain custody of their children who have been stolen from them by the other parent.

Ms. Formann is an alumnus of St. Mary’s University, San Antonio and Harvard College, Cambridge Massachusetts.

Richard M. Quinn

At 17 I started my own business in the HVAC&R field. I owned and operated this mechanical contracting business until deregulation drove me to sell the business in 1997. I’ve been working in various capacities for the last 20 years in the Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Research industry, starting out as an HVAC&R technician, then moving to Project Lead for HVAC&R support team, Facilities Department Scheduler, HVAC&R Planner, Facilities Shift Supervisor, Drug Discovery Facility HVAC&R, Pipe, Weld, and Utilities Department Supervisor, and finally a Research Facility Site Operations Manager. Since a false FRO was levied against me in 2009, I have had issues finding and holding any position in my field and my Children have been estranged from me.
Currently living in Hamilton NJ after several moves once being removed from my marital Home of 20 years In Monroe Township on a false allegation of domestic violence in 2006 thus starting my ten year and counting, nightmare with the Middlesex county NJ Family Court system. Now a veteran of the deliberately lawless and dysfunctional money vacuum family court system, I have joined the FCLU to bring the family court system’s unlawful family crushing practices to the public, seeking advice and assistance. I have been the victim of numerous, attorney fabricated false accusations, dirty tricks, domestic violence accusations, two false TRO’s and one false FRO in 2009 enabling the deciding factor for a long parental alienation campaign I had been fighting since day one to take hold. This has served to prejudice me going forward in all cases, hearings and motions. This horrendous ten-year and counting ordeal within the family court system has depleted me of any financial cushion, destroyed my ability to capture and hold any career position in my field and depleted my retirement funds. This also has forever damaged my relationship with my two daughters and my son of whom have been estranged since 2009.

Shared Physical Custody Must Be Standard

  • Court Created Custody Battles Fuel the $100 Billion Industry
  • Take a Father’s Children Away and Watch the Money FLOW

Regulate the Divorce Industry

  • Establish Fix Fee, Lump Sum Divorce Agreements
  • Set Fees Based on Percentage of Salary
  • Establish Term Limit on Divorce Duration – 6 Months Max
  • Standardize Divorce Process – Similar to Home Buying Process
  • Bar Judges from Court Appointing Vendors (Friends)

Alimony Must Reflect This Century

  • We Believe in Equal Rights – Not Special Rights
  • Permanent Alimony is Unconstitutional
  • Marriage Does Not Create Permanent Adult Dependents
  • PL Support IS Alimony – Clock Starts Day 1

Pendente Lite Support IS Alimony-Clock Starts Day 1

  • PL Support Encourages False Accusations to Delay Divorce Process
  • PL Support Must be Treated as Alimony – Dollar for Dollar

False Accusations Must Be Punishable By Law

  • False Accusations Delay Divorce for PL Support
  • False Accusations Create Huge Profits for The Divorce Machinery
  • False Accusations Harm Children through Deliberate Parental Alienation

Restraining Orders Must Receive Due Process of Law

  • Uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Stop the Courts from Separating Us from Property and Children on the Suggestion of Domestic Violence.
  • Due Process of Law Must Apply to Family Court

Gender Neutrality Is Law And Must Be Upheld

  • Courts Award Custody to Women 90% of the Time
  • Restraining Orders Routinely Issued Based on Gender Bias with NO Due Process of Law and Trial
  • Laws Must Apply to Family Court System