Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson is a published computer scientist and businessman. He has founded and cofounded several nationwide entrepreneurial ventures , holds masters degrees in computer science and business , as well as commercialized patents and patents pending. His research focuses on medical robotics and augmented reality.

His adorable baby girl has been utilized by family court to extort immense amounts of cash from her parents. The mother of the child will allegedly have spent $240k in legal fees pursuing a trial on spurious claims in hopes to obtain full custody and relocate. She hired an unscrupulous lawyer to masquerade as the child’s guardian while blatantly playing tag team offense with the mother’s official lawyer.  Despite every effort Mr. Johnson could muster to mitigate her suffering, the court has now allowed and encouraged such fraud for over two years since the child was three years old. The child , her family, and friends have suffered greatly at the hands of Family Court cash machine, while the perpetrators attempt to redirect blame upon their very victims and tout the “necessary services” they inflict upon them.

Mr. Johnson is devoted to his country and seeks vital reform necessary to right this misguided institution which clearly plagues and feasts upon American families under misleading cover of public ministerial authority and justice. Please join our cause and help free our children and middle-class viability from this perilous scheme of profit by abuse of power and public trust.