VRP™ Program


With your yearly membership, We Work For You.  AND WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT ITAll FCLU Members receive the full benefits of the VRP™ program.  Register your personal legal & civil rights violations with the FCLU in the Take Action section.  Include a description of the violation, evidence, your case number, names, phone numbers and email addresses of the lawyers and Judge involved in your case.  We open a case number, assign an investigative team and go to work to defend people caught in the family court system trap. 

We begin each case with a formal letter to your ex-partner to educate them of the damage they are doing to the children, their finances and their relationship with their children’s other parent.  We explain the family court system only cares about money, not children, not fathers, not mothers.  We provide examples of the devastation wrought by the family court system in an attempt to educate and break the cycle before the damage is done.  Next, we assign a staff member from FCLU’s panel of volunteer law school students from New York’s prestigious law schools and that member  diligently assists in researching your complaint(s) as a 3rd party, impartial review panel. 

Once we understand the case and identify violations of law, civil rights violations, malicious prosecution and false accusations, We CALL the Judges. We CALL the lawyers. We CALL the “experts.” We document everything and forward our case summary  in writing to the Judges, lawyers and experts.  We investigate their legal strategies and decisions based on LAW.  With our pool of intelligent, resourceful, energetic and naturally curious law school students, our investigative teams work to develop a case that has actionable evidence.  

Our investigations analyze individual law firms by using social media to find other victims and we pull OPRA records to identify repeated false accusations and other known legal strategy to establish evidence of repeated wrong doing by a particular firm.  Should we find enough victims and compile enough evidence against a particular law firm, we launch a class action suit against that firm to collect damages.

Our VRP™ program databases and tracks each and every case from complaint to closure. Our database also provides valuable industry metrics which will be used to monitor change in the divorce industry.  When you register your complaint with the FCLU, your privacy is assured.  Change is at your door step. The FCLU is your ONE VOICE for change.  No One Wants a Call from the FCLU. Complain Today!

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