Our Management has a firm understanding of the power of revolution, the power of the press and the power of focus.  Many activist organizations have failed due to a lack of defined message and single voice.  The FCLU is well-educated as to the methods and procedures to successfully invoke change in a challenging environment – Single Voice, Single Message, Innovative Programs and Relentless Pressure and Tenacity.  Our efforts include Research Studies, Labor Union Collaboration, Legislation, Litigation, Investigations and the Power of the Press.

Our multifaceted, well researched and proven approach puts pressure on the system from top to bottom.  From the federal government on down to your local judge and lawyer, the entire system must feel the pressure before they start to accept change.  The FCLU’s mission is to pressure from the top and with the masses providing strong pressure on the local front.  The FCLU is instrumental in strategically planning direct action tactics, press coverage, legislation and litigation.  We need you to voice your discontent both locally and through our intake system of complaints – See VRP™ and JIP™ on the About Us page.  Everyone profiting from the system must hear discontent and feel shame before the system begins to change.  

Demand your attorney is CEMA™ certified and demand your constitutional rights are upheld.  To date, Judges reprimand those who oppose, question or criticize the system. Contact Us if this is the case and we will investigate those involved though our VRP™ and JIP™ programs.

Our VRP™ Program provides proactive checks and balances on the legal system.  Email us with your personal civil rights violations, evidence, your case number and names, phone numbers and email addresses of the lawyers and Judge involved in your case.  Staff from FCLU’s panel of volunteer law school students from New York’s finest law schools will personally investigate your complaint.  Our database tracks each and every case from complaint to closure.  

Our JIP™ Program ensures Judges are acting within the boundaries of the law, the public’s ethical expectations and good sound judgement that benefits families without discrimination.  Should you suspect wrongdoing, email the FCLU with your complaints and we will assign an investigative team to the case.

Change is at your door step.  The FCLU is your ONE VOICE for change.  Through the use of proven, non-violent, direct action tactics, the press, legislation and litigation, the system will be forced to change.  Contact Us TODAY.