Corey M. Lewis

Corey Lewis is a contributing director of the FCLU organization as well as co-staff writer of newsletters for FCLU. A devoted, single father of two beautiful children, Corey has dedicated himself to his children and their future only to face a severely flawed Family Court System.

By trade, Mr. Lewis is an IT administrator working in the private sector of Manhattan’s midtown business district. With a colorful work history, Mr. Lewis has worked in retail and customer service as well as in administrative and operational capacities. This experience has provided Mr. Lewis with a unique perspective on relationships of all kinds, both personally and professionally and how best to work cohesively to achieve a common goal.

Corey has begun the arduous task of compiling a single, intelligible ideal for Reform in our Family Court System; to draft a Bill to be presented to Congress via the Senate. Mr. Lewis is working to unite the community of fathers and families nationwide to effect these changes in our current Family Court system by working with local representatives, Assemblymen and Congressmen for the Queens, NY district. Starting on the ground level, Mr. Lewis is making collaborative efforts with Greg Roberts and like-minded individuals to reach a point of equality in parental rights for our nation as well as fostering a stable and more family oriented structure for our youth.

It is Corey’s belief that with determination and bipartisan cooperative efforts, a better future for our families and children is attainable.