Bruce Eden

Mr. Eden has been a patriot and defender of parent’s civil and constitutional rights and liberties for 28 years.  Mr. Eden was a victim of the family court system in 1984 when the court attempted to apply their arcane and illegal rules against him as a fine father and citizen.  As the sole defender of the American Constitution in New Jersey, Mr. Eden stood fast in light of the unconstitutional laws and unethical lawyers that attempted to defeat him and label him a Deadbeat Dad.  Mr. Eden subsequently defeated the legal system in defense of his family and dedicated himself to the rights of fathers, mothers and children, proposing legislation, and advocating and helping thousands navigate the broken, biased family court systems ever since.

Mr. Eden started and ran two family advocate organizations in New Jersey, and is renowned for his efforts to help and free people from the trap of the family court system and has helped thousands of innocent and good parents retain their parenting rights despite the greed and injustices of matrimonial attorneys, experts and the court system.

Mr. Eden has dedicated himself to the FCLU’s mission to change arcane, antiquated, unconstitutional and hurtful laws to see that children receive the parents they deserve.  His position is that social policies in the United States have never included support for fathers in keeping their families together.  Resources such as United Way and the ACLU exclude services for fathers and families. State court systems have circumvented equal parental rights since before 1880, (See Hart vs. Hart 14 Philadelphia Reports 352).

Mr. Eden has defeated  numerous attorneys in their quest to rob parents of their civil rights as parents and saved parents over $13 million dollars in unwarranted legal fees trying to secure their constitutional rights.  We welcome Mr. Eden to our Board of Advisors.