Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin is an author of seven books, mostly on direct marketing but a few on humor.  His articles on marketing have appeared in more than 300 magazines.

Dobkin’s interest in the FCLU is a direct result of the injustices served by “Family” court in New Jersey: fueled by watching his brother’s wealth striped by the “good old boy” network of matrimonial law firms who churned his account, gave him the worst of advice, and pulled out 3 weeks before his divorce trial.

Despite the fact that his ex-wife has college degrees in computer science and education, never worked during the marriage.  In divorce, she received the bulk of the all his long-hour earned assets; the entire contents, and the proceeds from the sale of the marital house, and 95% of all money at the time of divorce.  She immediately bought a $450,000 condo, he moved into a small apartment and bought used furniture.  He lived there for three years by increasing his credit card debt to almost $90,000.

He now works three jobs to pay the “Family Court” mandated alimony of over $5,000 each and every month – and faces this sentence for the rest of his life, with no hope of ever retiring. Or faces jail for missing 3 consecutive payments.

Through the omnipotent judges the “Family” court system of New Jersey also alienated his children from him – the one thing he ever wanted to keep, from his failed marriage.

Jeffrey Dobkin is a rigorous supporter of change in the antiquated and harshly unfair Alimony Laws of New Jersey, and a proponent of change in the horrific “Family” court system.  “The “Family” court system in New Jersey is a disgrace to justice, and to keeping traditional family values whole.  It is the unchecked driving entity that forces children and parents to hate each other, and makes it a punishable lifetime crime to divorce in New Jersey.”