Our History

The Families Civil Liberties Union was started in direct response to the Family Court’s lack of protection and support for the fathers and  mothers of divorcing families and the children that become harmed.  We represent and fight for fathers, mothers and children in the interest of capital preservation, fairness and equality.  Our mission is to protect families from the family court system until the family court system protects families.

Divorce is just a breakup. It shouldn’t cost your life savings and destroy your children’s future. But is does for hundreds of thousands of families each year.   Personal bankruptcy attributed to divorce is estimated to exceed 120,000 families per year.  Only lawyers, experts and the courts benefit from divorce and it comes at the expense of the family’s financial, physical and mental health.

The Families Civil Liberties Union is a professional, politically neutral, national activist organization headquartered in New York City.  We refuse government funds.  Our mission is to represent the thousands of disparate, autonomous fathers’ and mothers’ groups and millions of fathers and mothers that have been damaged by the family court system and have seen their life savings and children destroyed by swarms of lawyers, psychotherapists, social workers, substance abuse forensic evaluators, psychiatrists, psychologists, custody evaluators, parenting coordinators and a host of other so-called “experts” that have no interest in families or children nor accountability for their decisions that harm children.  The FCLU supports both men’s and women’s rights.  We stand for equalized gender rights upheld by a fair, unbiased, competent and responsible judicial system.  What differentiates the FCLU from thousands of other groups?  Our One Voice model to consolidate the voice of disparate groups, the Power of the Press afforded to us in New York City, Innovative Programs and our Non-Violent Direct Action Methodologies that raises awareness effectively – from TOP to BOTTOM.

Family law has become an overused Playbook of unethical legal strategy designed around abuse of process, malicious prosecution, forced custody battles, false accusations, falsification of evidence and acrimony created by attorneys and supported by the system to transfer wealth from divorcing parents to people working in the legal system.  The current laws were created by attorneys to build a lucrative divorce industry – not to protect families and children.  The courts are allowed to appoint preferred vendors (often friends) to your court case and they even  send collection notices for the vendor’s bill with the threat of punishment even though the bill is weeks old – see evidence.  The courts and their team of loyal followers have erected a wall of secrecy to ply their trade decade after decade while creating broken-hearted, bankrupt fathers that the government then calls deadbeat parents.  The family court system creates deadbeat parents.  And the children then suffer.

We are a patient, activist watchdog group committed to upholding and defending the civil liberties and constitutional rights of divorcing parents.  Over $100 billion dollars per year stokes the divorce industry and lines the pockets of parasitic bottom feeders that feast on our children’s college funds and our life savings.  When the legal system alienates our children based on known, rampant false accusations and issues unconstitutional restraining orders with no due process of law, watch a family’s money flow and the legal professionals swarm.  It’s a system designed by lawyers for lawyers.  It happens every 32 seconds in America.

Ever wonder why you should have to ask your spouse-to-be for a pre-nuptial agreement?  Because the family law system wants it that way.  Assets could be protected for both men and women with one simple law change.  With the system the way it is, attorneys make money pre-nup or no pre-nup.  It’s just one more example of the lawyer created greed that damages your family and your children’s future.  The FCLU is committed to educating people about these actions and working to change these actions.

Our multi-faceted methodology is designed to effectively spread our message, invoke change efficiently, drive volunteer participation and encourage changes in the system through Non-Violent Direct Action Tactics, Innovative Programs, the Power of the Press, Litigation and Legislation.

Our Leadership and our activists principals follow the beliefs of our nation’s founding fathers, George Washington, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, the father of modern American radicalism, Saul D. Alinsky and the guru of non-violent revolution, Gene Sharp.  We also gain inspiration from our friend and mentor, Captain Paul Watson of, who gains his inspiration from the wisdom of Sun Tzu, the self-discipline of Miyamoto Musashi and the value of the media by Marshall McLuhan.  Gaining inspiration from the world’s great revolutionists, “The people deeply love independence, freedom and peace. But in the face of United States aggression, we have risen up, united as one man.  The great victory represents the triumph of the entire nation, of justice over brutality and of humanity over tyranny.” 

We also work with the legal community to raise their ethical standards.  Our CEMA™ certification program is designed to work with the matrimonial industry by attracting young professionals (newly admitted ABA attorneys) in order to inspire them to bring about positive change.  Our ongoing quality assurance program will ensure CEMA™ certified members live up to the standards of the FCLU.

We welcome Freedom Fighters, Lawyers, Volunteers, State Chapter Presidents, Meetup Hosts & Patrons.  Through our proactive, online, social media fundraising process, donations as small as $10 from a fraction of the millions of Americans and generations of now-adult children damaged by the divorce industry enable us to invoke positive change.  We represent a force of ten million families.  We are a non-profit 501(c)4 organization and all proceeds go directly to accountable, actionable use.

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