About Us / Mission

About Us / Mission

The Families Civil Liberties Union is a professional, politically neutral, national activist organization headquartered in New York City. We Work For You. We fight for fairness in the family court system.

Our mission is the continuing effort to unify families through the use of fair and standard equal practices in our family court system nationally. We seek to omit the need for bitter, costly and unnecessary court litigation by establishing family court reform for basic human and parental rights for all parents that will allow them to focus on what is important in our society, our children.

The FCLU works towards equalized gender rights, the certification and oversight of matrimonial attorneys, the establishment of a firm and aggressive investigative program and a system of fairness that benefits families by ensuring a fair, unbiased, competent and responsible judicial system.

We work by using all facets of the law, congressional hearings, public forums and all resources to ensure that the rules and regulations of family law, be implemented in a modern and fair manner. Our “One Voice” model consolidates and galvanizes the voices of all who have experienced the anguish and inequalities of our current family court system.

With the power of the press afforded to us in New York City and our innovative programs and tactics that raise awareness, we shall see the long overdue changes that will place American families first in family court.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is the education and promotion of equalized gender rights, fair and standardized laws and practices nationally in relation to Family and Domestic Relations Law. We believe no child should be without either parent, except in rare cases of abuse, and the laws need to reflect that belief. We believe matrimonial attorneys and the judicial system enforcing Family and Domestic Relations Law should be held accountable to providing a system that is fair, unbiased and benefits the family as a whole.